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Here are some tips to make your drive a little smoother.

Our mission to provide a world-class experience does not stop after the purchase of your vehicle. We understand that there are steps to take after purchase, including registration, titles, insurance, and vehicle knowledge. Every purchase is unique, and we want you to know we are here for you on that journey.

Here are a few things we know can present challenges. We want to be in front of them, so you are prepared and have the contacts you need to accomplish what you need to complete.



Situation: As the seasons change, it's not uncommon to see TPM indicators light up the dashboard. This is a common occurrence for new vehicle purchases when the temperatures can change rapidly. The tire pressure may have been set long ago and needs a reset! As the vehicle changes climates, temperature changes, and altitude changes, so does the tire pressure.

Solution: Many vehicles have onboard systems that provide readings of your individual tire pressures. On your driver's side interior door frame, you will be able to see the specifications of the ideal tire pressure for your tires. If your tires are well out of range, connect with us so we can inspect for any damages that need to be repaired or fixed. If your readings are close to ideal, then most likely, this is due to temperature and pressure fluctuations in our environment.

How we can help: Did you know that blending nitrogen gas with the air in your tires helps mitigate the contraction and expansion of tire pressure? If you have low-profile tires, then we highly recommend this service. We are also happy to help you understand where to get your ideal tire pressure specifications and how to navigate your onboard systems to check them and conduct a reset test. Luckily, there are tire inflation stations at many gas stations and car wash locations for the occasional tune-up while you are on the go!



Situation: Today’s vehicles are incredibly impressive with new technology meant to optimize your driving experience. There have been great advancements in the usability of these systems, but at times we need a refresher to make the most of the ownership experience.

Solution: Our ideal solution is to invite you back in for what we call a Second Delivery of your vehicle. You now have your initial knowledge of how to utilize the systems and might have run into some questions about the vehicle.

How we can help: In person or virtually, we can assist. Second Deliveries are a welcome exercise. We know the more you love your vehicle, and the more you command it - the better your ownership experience will be. So, set up some time with us, and let’s talk about cars – it’s what we love to do!

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